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Leafy Monstera

Leaf Wall Plant Clips

Leaf Wall Plant Clips

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Leaf Clips

Introducing Leaf Wall Plant Clips – the ultimate fusion of functionality and style for plant aficionados! 🍃

These versatile clips adhere effortlessly to various surfaces like wood, glass, plastic, or metal, seamlessly blending with your plant's natural aesthetic as it climbs and thrives.

Ideal for any climbing plants with stems that fit snugly into the leaf clip, such as Pothos and Philodendrons. These natural climbers with aerial roots create a lush, leafy ambiance in any space, and our leaf wall clips help guide their growth in your desired direction.

Leaf Wall Plant Clips are designed for simplicity:

1. Prep the wall surface with a quick wipe-down.

2. Apply adhesive to the leaf's back.

3. Peel off the backing and press firmly onto the wall.

4. Open the leaf clip, gently place the stem inside, and close.

Note: The adhesive is strong, so exercise caution on painted or wallpapered surfaces.


3.2cm x 1.2cm x 1cm

Each pack includes 10 Leaf Clips and Adhesives, offering a stylish solution to showcase your climbing plants with ease. Elevate your plant game effortlessly with Leaf Wall Plant Clips – where practicality meets botanical chic!

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