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Leafy Monstera

Cute Sloth Hanging Planter

Cute Sloth Hanging Planter

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Hey there plant lover! 🪴

Get ready to up your plant game with our adorable Cute Sloth Hanging Planter! This little guy, shaped like a sloth, is just perfect for your smaller plants, whether they're real greenery or some cool artificial ones like air plants, succulents, herbs, or ferns.

Crafted with care from top-notch ceramic, this planter boasts some sweet details, like these cool flower patterns etched into it, adding a touch of class wherever you decide to hang it. And it's not just about looks - this thing is built to last, so it'll be a part of your decor for ages.

And hey, it's not just a pretty face - those sturdy ropes it hangs from also keep your plants safe from any curious pets you might have running around. So whether you're sprucing up your indoor space or adding some charm to your outdoor setup, this chill little sloth planter has got you covered.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 15x14cm / 5.9x5.5 inches
  • Opening Size: 8x6cm / 3.15x2.36 inches

What's in the box:

- 1 Cute Sloth Plant Pot with Hanging Rope

So, why not take your plant game to the next level with our Cute Sloth Hanging Planter? It's the chill way to bring some extra character to your home decor!

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